Assemble a Team

Each team is made of 8 people from your church.

Report Progress

Every week the leader reports your progress.

Meet Weekly

Each team will meet weekly for encouragement, planning, and to review progress.

It's easy to get started! 

Assign a Leader

Each group needs a leader who will take initiative to help the group communicate and report on progress.

Win Amazing Prizes!

The team who made the most healthy choices during the 12 week time will win prizes!


Work Towards a Healthier Life

As a group you will be able for make lifestyle changes and try new techniques to living healthier.

“My husband and I knew we needed to get healthier but just did not make the commitment to do it. Being a part of a group makes it easier. I realized its more of a lifestyle and not just short-term weight loss. I've lost 26 lbs so far and I am not halfway through. My A1C was at 6.3 when I started and now it is at 5.5. I moved out of the danger zone within the first 2 months.”

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